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Ocala Cellular Internet & Backup


100% Uptime

When your wired Internet connectivity experiences a service disruption (in some areas this happens several times a month) your business is exposed to risks of lost revenue, productivity, and customer experience issues. Upgrading to a more robust wired connection or bringing another pipe into your building, comes with a significant price tag.


Wireless WAN failover using 4G LTE can automatically provide the non-stop connectivity access you need to conduct business efficiently and cost-effectively when your primary goes down for any reason.


How 4G LTE Backup Works

4G LTE Backup can be easily deployed in:

-Existing networks

-New network turn-ups

-Mobile business locations, like pop-up stores or construction sites.

We can also set up a solution on your existing network or a new network with minimal inconvenience to you.

In the event of a service interruption of the primary WAN connection, the router will automatically switch over to the cellular network. We could also limit the cellular connection to only your most critical applications if needed.

I've finished my LTE data before the end of the month, can I buy more?
Yes! When you hit your data limit, we don’t cut you off, we just slow it down. If you need more data, then you can do a one-time data purchase of either 1GB or 3GB in your account (not available on an Unlimited plan). Or if you find you are hitting the limit each month, simply upgrade your plan to the next data level at any time.
How long does it take to fail over?
Depending on the networking equipment it can take from a few seconds to 1 minute for the router to realize loss of internet service. Once service has returned to your primary port, the cellular will switch back over automatically.
Which plan is right for me?
A typical 3-6 computer office can use around 1GB of data per day. With VoIP servics that can increase by 25% depending on the volume of calls.

Our 4GB plan should last 1-2 days for downtime a month.

What speeds can I expect?
Cellular data depends on lots of factors. Location, data traffic, weather and a host of other objects. We will place the cellular device and antenna in the best possible spot to obtain the best signal possible.

You can expect normal speeds 5Mbps up to 50Mbps on a perfect signal. Once your data has expired, speeds will buffer to 64 kbps to 128 kbps. Enough for very basic browsing. You should pick a plan to keep your office running smoothly for 1-3 days minimum.

Can we use the backup as needed?
At this time we do not have a pay per use plan. In fact you may already experiance internet downtime without realizing it. Many modems will drop signals to reboot or refresh. In that period of time you may not be using any data or real time applications. This is why our device will automatically pick up on the outage so you can keep working.
Is there a commitment?
Our prices are based on 12 month agreements. They are prepaid data services. You can pay in 2 installments at month 1 and month 6 to help budget.

We offer 6 month data plans. Please add $10 extra to the monthly cost.