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Backup and Data Recovery

Data Backup and Recovery for Ocala Florida

Insurance of a Different Kind

Business data is vital to the ongoing commercial success of your company, but it is also all too easy to lose. And while mobile devices can free you and your employees up from your desk, their use can also multiply the risk of data loss. Data Backup Solutions from Greatchoice Computer Service can save you by bulletproofing your mission critical files so you’re protected whatever comes your way.

Data Backup ensures the safety of your electronic records, documents, and other important files by backing them up autmatically to a secure server. This will save you time and money and protect you from major information loss or the possibility of closing your business. Every business owner knows the importance of their business data. Even though the chances of a major disaster are quite small, the majority of data loss is the result of small localized problems. Florida is the lightning capital of the world. Electrical surges, thefts and floods are all possible. Why take a chance?

Technology today makes it easy to store all of your finances, business documents and important documents. Keep all of your information organized and secured on a PCI and HIPAA compliant cloud server.

Remote Backup

For a small monthly fee all types of businesses are entrusting their data to travel across the Internet and storage of that data in a remote location. Whether this is because of the rise in terrorist threats or the further developments of encryption and security is debatable.

There are many types of backup and recovery solutions. Sometimes they can be expensive to invest in, especially where they involve hardware onsite. We prefer remote backup solutions. This drastically reduces the cost of your backup. Everything is automated and checked daily to ensure that your backup is being performed properly.

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